Lisa’s Mission

My purpose is to guide people on a journey of self-love, compassion and kindness. I hope to inspire people to embrace their true selves to live their best life possible.

Who is Lisa Bien?

After over two decades as a communications professional, Lisa aimed to channel, exercise and impart the other sides to her personality. She’s an inspiring mentor, leader-by-example, and an advisor to personal success. Lisa harnesses her own experiences, strengths, and sacrifices to encourage others to bounce back out of their lives’ deepest trials.

Lisa struggled with self-doubt and adversity from childhood through much of her adult life, and knows firsthand that bouncing back is no easy feat. Despite multitudes of unique challenges, Lisa believes anyone can overcome adversity and achieve self-love.

Lisa began her “bounce back” crusade on the campus of Temple University, where she graduated as a journalism major in 1991. Returning to Temple was not coincidence. Lisa remembered her tumultuous years of emerging adulthood, when life’s questions outnumbered the answers and efforts to establish self-direction seemed futile. Fully understanding the struggles of the collegiate age group, Lisa encouraged students to share their stories with one another, and to join their voices together in defiance of the negative internal message: “I am not good enough.”

Lisa’s mission of teaching and inspiring others to counteract negative self-talk with positive affirmations is increasingly urgent as technology meant to connect people can leave us feeling alone. Lisa shares her personal experiences in both of her books, Life Happens: Bounce Back! and Divorce Happens: Bounce Back!

In both her personal and professional circles, Lisa’s voice continues to grow stronger and clearer, offering the “Bounce Back Theory” as a relatable and applicable source to all in need of personal and positive change.

As a mother of two, friend to many, college professor and communications professional, there is no field, issue or fear that Lisa cannot help you tackle. Within and after the struggle, she can guide you in your discovery of self-worth and purpose.

If you are in need of a stimulus for self-transformation, you have come to the right place.

Life happens and will continue to happen – so join Lisa Bien, change your perspective, and bounce back.

About the Book: Why We’re Here

I wrote this book for you. To share my story and show you that you are not alone in dealing with the inevitable struggles and low points of life.

For my dear friend’s daughter, who is beautiful, smart, insecure and sad. It breaks my heart that we allow our demons and negative self-talk to impact our lives for so long. I wish I could change her outlook, make her smile and show her how to love who she is.

To serve as a reminder that we all struggle with low self-esteem and a negative self-image, and we don’t even realize it until life hits us in the ass. I want everybody to know they can change, if they truly desire to do so.

To remind you that you have a choice on how you want to approach each day and  the rest of your life. You get to decide. Life is an abundance of choices, but the first choice is how you are going to live today.

To remind you that the only person responsible for your happiness is yourself.

My goal to help you see how beautiful you truly are and love yourself.

Hire Lisa!

Get in touch with Lisa about speaking at your next event!

Lisa Bien is an accomplished speaker with unique flairs for humor, honesty and motivation. Her life stories are relatable and educational to everyone she meets. If you have an event coming up that needs a positive and inspiring guest speaker, we would love to hear from you!

Also get one-on-one personal coaching!

Lisa Bien has a sincere desire to help individuals “bounce back” from life’s obstacles and move forward into the very best life has to offer. What started as a TV program at Temple University, “Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien,” has grown into a community movement of positive self-affirmation and self-love.  Lisa can help you apply those positive principles one-on-one.

Lisa’s personal coaching techniques will encourage you to engage in a love affair with yourself and begin building a strong foundation of self-acceptance. If you are in need of a stimulus for self-transformation, working with Lisa as your personal coach is the answer to that need. Life happens – and will continue to happen…so work with Lisa today, change your perspective, and bounce back!